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Associate (Former Employee) says

"Run away, screaming. They treated assignment like Rocket science; it was simplistic. Poor organization; they told us to use computer timecard system- that never worked. We ended up using paper time cards then they ignored them. Poor communication; they failed to tell all associates instructions or updates to project. They did not respond to queries about late paychecks. Vindictive; They invented bogus reasons to terminate me & flat-out lied about who fired me. They blamed me for the firing."

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional. I'm a brand ambassador and got booked twice yet never hurd back. Emailed texted called and they never replied. The first time they got back to me an hour before event and second time left me hanging. Poorly managed and staffed."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"I'm a previous employee of 24Seven, and incredibly unhappy with my experience. I have tried so many times simply to connect with the recruiter there and, after having been completely dismissed -- over and over -- I am going with some of the more reputable agencies in town. Seriously, how hard is it to return a phone call? I think.....if your job is to be a recruiter....it isn't. Not at all. They take half your paycheck before you even see it. So if they can't do you the courtesy of responding to you, they are pointless. I wish companies would do away with hiring from 24Seven entirely.Thank you for sharing your feedback and I'm sorry your experience wasn't as expected. If you'd be willing to provide more detail please email customersupport@24seveninc.com."

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"I had an internal role as a business development manager. There is a very hostile energy. People are not helpful. They speak to you disrespectfully. While I was in training and instructed to shadow someone I was told I was a "F*$%ing distraction." Really nice to hear as the new girl. My VP was non existent but made judgement calls on assumptions. The infrastructure is a mess. It is smoke and mirrors with a beautiful office hiding the lack of organization. I am embarrassed to have ever been affiliated.A couple of nice people. Office in a good location.Everything"

Copywriter (Former Employee) says

"You will likely never find a job through this company, which seems to have a very high turnover and employ far too many people lacking even a fundamental understanding of recruiting and the ad business.None.Everything."

Temporary Worker (Current Employee) says

"They didn't get back to me when I emailed them with issues and completely ignored me when I told them that I have a full time job and due to that I don't want any of the work that they are offering but they are STILL sending these emails through to me - I've been working full time for almost a month now. I had a bad experience within one of the jobs they put me forward for and instead of them trying to help me find a solution and help me through the situation they ignored all of my email attempts until my family and myself told them we were going to take legal action to sort through it.I never had to work in the officeThey don't listen to you and don't do their job well at all"

Accounts Receivable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"My first impression of this company was not on the basis of much other than being treated well. I did not know much about the company and had no previous business with them.However, I had believed they must be doing something right as they've been in business for over a decade with offices around the world. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase was over as quickly as it came. I was coerced into believing I would be treated well and well compensated for my hard work, but I quickly became overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. When I brought my concerns and questions to middle and upper management I was always asked to smooth things over with a fresh start as if things never happened. The company's progress is suffering from the infrastructure as there are too many corrupt and incompetent employees full of egos and false impressions whose worked four or more years with the company and are stuck on the way things used to be. I was under the impression that what I had to offer the company would be pleasing and beneficial for the advancement of the company to help drive the mission and productivity. But, I was faced with vindictive behavior and harassment not to mention character defamation. Unfortunately, there are many unhappy and dissatisfied workers who were once employed by this company as employment has become a revolving door with employees coming and going on a weekly basis. If your looking for a challenge this is the place, but if your looking for ethical behavior proceed with caution.Office ambianceInsufficient business practices, lack of professionalism and poor ethical behavior."

Freelance (Current Employee) says

"These people never reply to calls or emails but as soon as your late or absent there blowing your phone up. The same people always get called back for events and it's clearly a popularity contest. Good luck.You may get a travel stipend if they send you to JerseyHard to get a hold of"

Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Great Staff fun people. They teach you a lot. Very hard to get a job must be smart."

Contract Product Development Associate (Former Employee) says

"I haven't worked with seven for years so I am not clear on why I am even getting this questionnaire. At one point I got regular gigs and was under the impression that had done a great job on all of my assignments. I took a break went back to school got a BA in Communication Design and Technology. I upgraded my skillset and for whatever reason, 24 Seven would not hire me for any assignments. I thought that I would be an asset to this 24Seven but I was overlooked.I got a pay checkI felt like I had to always take and assignment or else."

Luxury makeup artist (Former Employee) says

"First of all thet advertise as "luxury makeup artist" THIS IS A Lie. As a qualified makeup artist do NOT take a job with them despite what they tell you. It's nothing more than a glorified dogs body. I had a horrendous experience working with them, I turned up and low and behold I was expected to stand around and cold call customers in and stock their shelves and also at the same time make sales targets in a dead environment. I told my contact I was displeased and this wasn't what she hired me for. She assured me it would change give it a chance till the next day. The next day was worse. The staff I worked with are bullies and mean girls. .Easy workDon't pay, not makeup Artistry, terrible staff, terrible working environment, terrible communication"

Beauty Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worst agency every! They also don't pay you on time! Some of the managers are very rude and not professional at all. You don't even get enough shifts."

Beauty Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"I believe if your in a busy place like london your lucky but there are hardly jobs available until Christmas.. not even during a busy time like summer"

Retail Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have received rude emails from this company. The female manager is very unprofessional, and very rude. I would not recommend dealing with her. If you work for them request other members of the team."

uncomfortable sharing (Former Employee) says

"The recruiters and leaders are like MEAN GIRLS and the head of HR is literally the most unqualified person to deal with "HUMANS" ever. Not only mean and rude (yelling at employees in front of meetings, etc) but does not know basic HR processes and laws.Legitimately horrible.seltzer for dayseverything else"

Full Time Employee (Former Employee) says

"This company is terrible at job placement, very high turnover and the recruiters don't communicate regarding opportunities which is very odd and even though you are applying to positions which you have definite qualifications for and experience, you even email the recruiter directly to confirm they've received your resume and interest.. they respond 5% of the time and I also was told the Exec Positions posted aren't "real" they are just examples of "potential jobs"??? What?? So they post FAKE jobs to draw you in?!!! The company rarely hires anyone.. they interview you and tell you they think you're a great fit and it goes nowhere... total waste of time!!!NoneRead above!!"

Freelancer (Current Employee) says

"Very poor organization and dishonesty, there is no notice if the client cancels your shift and the manager does not communicate. The expectations are high but the pay is too low.Thank you for leaving your feedback, Please contact custoemrsupport@24seveninc.com if you'd be willing to provide more details."

Fashion Consultant/ CSR (Former Employee) says

"This Company was Very UNPROFESSIONAL & Their Management leaves MUCH to Be Desired. Needless to Say, I had a DIFFICULT Time wit this Company. I will ONLY Say I know how to Handle adversity & challenges Much better from my time working with this Company.Terrible management"

Store Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at 24seven Nirman vihar store for almost an year as an part timer it was such a good experience for me as an fresher. In the beginning everyone is soo supportive they teach you everything like billing, food and other stuff but as time goes people starting comparing himself with you they will start speaking about you behind your back with manager plus I had faced some dirty politics as well they force you to give resignation or else they will send you to another store which is far far away from your locatio.. and now the salary part my salary as an part timer is around 67.30 per hour and for full timmer you will get around 12k. if anyone wants to ask anything feel free to ask"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"You have to work really hard to get on their good side. The same people get booked for most events no matter how fast you respond to their job postings. The only time you get booked is if they really need support otherwise you’re just a secondary employee to people in the same position as you, basically backup."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Ever since Morgan Stanley came onboard to help make 24 Seven into the next Creative Circle, the company has lost its way. Here a couple of examples: 1 - Pay scale and commissions has been shifted from favorable to miserable. You used to be able to make good money on the sales side at this company. That is no longer the case. 2 - Favoritism runs rampant at this company. From the top all the way down to the bottom. If you're not a favorite, don't expect to make any money. and expect a difficult path forward. We had a large office, and it was clear by the payouts, who was a favorite and who was not. 3 - This company does not "officially" let employees leave before 6PM. The last hour in our office was absolutely a waste. We had few clients that were in their office past 5PM. The CEO is a stickler on this and out of touch with the industry the company is serving. 4 - PTO and time-off is a joke at this company. Need to have surgery? Too bad. Car accident? Too bad. Death in the family? Too bad. There is no leniency at this company for anything. You'll lose your seat if you can't make it in to work. They could care less about anything happening in your personal life. 5 - Upper management is a joke. In my professional history, I have never seen such behavior from an upper management team. Here are a few examples: badmouthing your employees and mistakenly CC'ing them on the email, after-work drug use with employees, asking your employees to do personal favors - get dry-cleaning, make dinner reservations, pick up groceries, protecting employees that are underperforming and have no business in the company because they are "favorites" or have been with the company for a long time. 6 - Their strategy for besting the competition - poach their talent. Always concerned about other companies like Creative Circle, and not enough with their own."

Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I have been working at 24 Seven Talent full-time Cons: - They require you to be a robot. Calls during strict hours. Must use words/scripts given to you. Entire day is on a strict schedule. - No work/ life balance - Management treats you like a child regardless of experience"

Current Employee - Office Manager says

"I have been working at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management embarrasses it’s employees in front of their teams and blasts emails that are degrading, but luckily the high ups don’t care as long as you make money. The people Working for commission are allowed to treat admin staff like human garbage and once again, nobody cares. No room For growth, less than cost of living raises and a measley bonus to prepare you for a new year that will certainly suck more than the last."

Former Employee - Assistant says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Where do I even start? How about, do not work here internally and do not EVEN think about being a candidate with this company, and would never suggest being a client to this company either. Worked here for about 4 years and I'd say it got progressively worse every year. I'm sure you've read that they pay employees that are leaving the company with gift cards to leave great reviews on glass door and it's absolutely true. EVEN WORSE, I've seen it FIRST hand the marketing team curating positive reviews on Yelp, Glassdoor, indeed... you name it. One of the marketing girls even said, "I had to sit here for 2 hours writing positive reviews to out weigh all the negative TRUE reviews". The environment internally is toxic. I've never met so many toxic women in my life. Instead of worrying about important things, these women (especially Upper Management) worried about not having avocado toasts for Friday breakfasts or the "right" breakfasts and $100+ flower arrangements that just die every week etc. There's so much to list. Account managers almost always never do interviews ON TIME (most times the front desk team didn't know where half the account managers were). Most times I felt bad for our candidates who come earlier and is on time for only the Account Manager being out on lunch and not checking their schedule. So candidates wait sometimes for 45 minutes. Account Managers most times never take calls from upset candidates because they "don't want to deal" and/or they think the candidate is "crazy". I'll admit, we did have some candidates that were tough to deal with, but 9 out of 10 times most candidates were level headed, but just got to a tipping point with 24 Seven because Account Managers aren't well... MANAGING their candidates well. A lot of times is that candidates didn't get paid what they were told etc. Here's a fun statistic that I got from this company. My first year of working here 67 people either was fired/or quit. I realized after my first year that I wanted to keep track. After being there for 4 years I counted 175 people was fired/or quit. To say that there's a revolving door at this company is an understatement. Also, if you decide to work here and you put in a little time, but decide to quit, watch out the "Two weeks notice" rule almost NEVER applies with this company. If upper management deems you not worthy, the day you put in your two weeks will most likely be your last day. And that's a FACT. There were so many people that were great employees and the moment they put in their two weeks that same day they were escorted out of the building. Now, I'm not sure how other Staffing Agencies are, but when I say this company is toxic, it truly was. I'm sure you're wondering why I stayed with this company for 4 years if it was that bad. Well, it comes down to money. They honestly didn't pay well, but I needed this job so I had to bite the bullet and do it. Best believe though that every year I tried to find a different job, but nothing paid more that seemed to be in line with what I wanted to do. All-in-all, I wouldn't suggest this company to my worst enemy. But if you do get the pleasure to work at this company, I hope by that time they fix some major issues with their management team and the types of people they hire. And if not, I tell you it's not worth it."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than a year Cons: Anything that you see on here that is positive is obviously fake. I was offered a gift card to post a positive review. The recruiters and the biz dev do not work well together and nothing is done by management to improve this divide. The employees are clicky and catty. There is no support and they motivate with fear. You can yell hateful things across the room at each other with no repercussions. It was chaos. I could not keep telling clients that we would accomplish x, y or z sooooo many times and have us fall flat on our faces with no submissions or submissions that were poor choices. For example, I had a recruiter submit a candidate to a company that was already working there, which put the candidate in an awkward position and made it also appear as though we don't talk to our candidates."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent full-time for less than a year Cons: From the moment I interviewed to become an account manager, I knew the position would be demanding, but management does not make it easier. The hiring manager underbid my starting salary, I negotiated to try to get up to my pay grade, but they made promises of high commission to offset the base salary and implemented temporary guarantees to sweeten the deal. After 7 months of building my client book, cold calling applicants, and staying in the office until 8pm, my commission was nowhere near what it should have been. This made it very difficult to give it my all daily knowing that no matter how long I stayed in the office, and how many people I cold called, it didn't matter. After asking around the office, I found out that I was not the only one struggling with the current commission structure. I am currently at a job where I make 3 times what I made at 24 Seven, without elevating my skills, I am simply getting paid a fair wage for the work I put in. 24Seven does not pay full time employees fairly. Not only was the money NOT THERE, but the catty office politics were so embedded in the company culture it was suffocating. I would walk into the office everyday and hear the latest gossip, watch coworkers judge one anothers outfits etc. I loved the idea of working for a female run company with a heavy female presence, but it was high school every single day. This kind of behavior is indicative of low self esteems and other issues that come with fostering a competitive and destructive work environment. When I first started working at 24seven, I was concerned with the number of people who quit every week. When I was at the end of my time at 24seven, half the staff were new. The CEO is not accessible at all for it being an office of 100 employees. The health benefits are also not great. Premiums are high and the health insurance company is not accepted at a lot of dr's offices including NYU. I had a better health plan when I was at a 10 person company vs 24Seven."

Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I have been working at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than a year Cons: -Despite 3 separate acquaintances warning me not to work here, I joined on and assumed their experiences to be dramatizations. Spoiler alert - the most toxic environment I have ever experienced. -If you think you're getting a slice of that sweet Nike or Adidas pie, those accounts are "managed" by the "director." To mentioned those job orders just come in, there's not much business development strategy behind those relationships. They shouldn't be commissioned on the BDM side. -If you are promised a clean database and that coordinators are drumming up leads for you, sadly this isn't true. Your day will be filled with mindless cold-calling. -If you bring in a job order but it's mildly difficult to source, the recruiters won't work to fill it. And this is encouraged by management. -Hours are strictly 9 am or 6pm, with lunch at 12 pm. Even though this is a salary position, you are treated hourly and must stick to their schedule. Any slight deviation is not allowed. If you are 10-min late once, you will be scolded like a child. -Management has authority issues, beware. "Respect my authority!" was heard. -HIGH turn over across all offices, so I'm hesitant to think my experience is exclusive to my city. -Would not recommend even to an enemy. -On the candidate side, I also would not recommend. Seeing what I saw ... I'm not confident in that partnership."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than a year Cons: Constant turnover, empty promises, and virtually no interest in career development. No annual reviews or salary increases."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at 24 Seven Talent full-time for more than a year Cons: This place is the worst. These are the type of women that give women a bad name. Catty, greedy, passive aggressive, snarky, fake. This.place is.the.worst. It is soul sucking. Lacks organization or true team effort. Favoritism and bullying. Accounts are distributed unfairly. False advertisement on income potential. Benefits are bare minimum."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at 24 Seven Talent part-time for less than a year Cons: A month after taking a job with them and trying to get in contact with them to get paid they realized they never gave me paperwork to get me in the system..and i have yet to be paid... after getting the papers to them they refused to even mail the check sooner... this company was a waste of my time"

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